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Hi there! My name is Shelbi Klein, and I am married to a wonderful man named Taylor. I am also Momma to the cutest little boys ever. I am so glad you are visiting my site! 

I am a book lover, a coffee drinker, and a stay at home mother.  

This blog is my outlet for my love of writing. In this space I am just a mom and a wife sharing my story. I want to use this blog as a place to speak honestly (and hopefully with some humor) about the ups and downs of motherhood and marriage.


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I have some older blogs too!

My first year of marriage was spent in South Dakota and let me tell ya… going from a single California girl to a married midwesterner… I had much to write about. You can view my old ramblings here! We are back in California now, and with a new chapter of life comes a new blog.

The issue of sex trafficking is an issue dear to my heart. I plan to use my blog to write about issues affecting women across the world. You can view my blog HERE about my time working in Greece with Nigerian women who had been trafficked into Athens.


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