Life is in the Blooopers

I feel like if my life were a movie, most of the movie would be the blooper reel.

Scene 567649: Shelbi is sittiing down in her home enjoying Bible study with her friends. Children can be heard indistinctly playing in the backyard. Lovely. Shelbi suddenly hears son yelling for her. She gets up and walks towards the call. She walks into the kitchen.

Son has pushed kitchen chair up to the counter and proceeded to dump entire jug of apple juice on his head. Children can be heard clearly now screaming and running loose in the backyard. The fences have them contained. Baby has face pressed against sliding glass window crying for someone to let him in.

“Mommy, look my haircut! Mommy look!” Apple juice everywhere.

End Scene. 


Scene 809356: Shelbi takes her sons to a play area in the middle of the mall. She sits and watches her sons play. Baby needs some attention so she takes her eyes off oldest to attend to the little one. When she looks up she sees her oldest taking off his pants and stripping down in the middle of the playground. This is oldest sons newest past time: stripping. Apparently pants are now a nuisance when it is time to play. Her son is now naked in the mall. Awesome.

End Scene.


Scene 896731: Shelbi is enjoying time visiting with her childless friend. They are deep in conversation. Her baby walks by. The smell of poop lurks in the air. Friend makes a face. Shelbi ignores and keeps talking. Baby walks by again. Shelbi still ignores. Baby sits next to friend. Friend cannot contain herself and asks if Shelbi is going to change diaper. Conversation ruined. Diaper gets changed.

End Scene. 


Scene 098732: Shelbi is sitting downstairs enjoying a moment of not being touched. Dare we say all is peaceful? All is well. Is that quiet she hears? Shelbi rushes to look for children. Shelbi finds both in upstairs bathroom. Oldest child is sitting in the sink, fully clothed, toothpaste tube squeezed out, and has the water running. He is brushing his teeth. He is soaked. Youngest is throwing everything that he finds into the toilet.

“Mommy teeeeeth!!”

Peaceful moment is over.

End Scene.


My life is about constant interruptions of what would otherwise be a peaceful, angelic scene.

I guess life is in the blooper reel. And now that I think about it, the bloopers are always my favorite. 


The Compliment

1d6ef9da0663b932627fdf1c74e9868eThe other day I had a fellow Mom tell me she struggles sometime with the craziness of mom world and that she thought I was always so put together and that I seemed like I had this whole Mom thing down.

As she was talking I would like to give you a rundown of my thoughts:

“Is she serious? She knows who she is talking to right? As of this moment I am trying to remember if I brushed my teeth this morning or if I left the straightener on and my house is burning down as we speak. My kids are currently wearing hats, not because it is a cute thing to put on them, but because I couldn’t get them to let me brush their hair. Speaking of hair, this morning I threw baby powder in my hair because I haven’t showered in three days and I needed to hide the grease. And to top it all off, my children, as per usual, are wearing mismatched socks.

Shoot, I can’t even match my own socks who are we kidding?

I mean I lock my kids in my room while I get ready because I am afraid of them falling down thehousework-or-fire_large stairs. But the result of this brilliant idea is having them throw my makeup in the toilet, chuck all of my cupboard items out of the drawers, and pretty much destroy my room. And then, because I am so exasperated, I just take the kids and leave without cleaning up the mess they made.

Does she know I am wearing toilet mascara?

Also, yesterday at the gym I had to go get an employee to break out the lock cutters because I absent mindedly threw my keys in my locker and then proceeded to lock said locker.

I have it all together? What?”

You know what the funny thing is my friends? I always thought she had it all together.

After I got through the torrential downpour of thoughts about how she was so wrong, I thought about how even through all the craziness, I really do enjoy being a mom. I really do love my kids. I mean I keep them alive and loved right? Apparently love really does cover a multitude of sins.

So in the end, instead of being so hard on myself, I decided to be gracious, say thank you, and compliment her on all the positive things I think about her. Because through all the craziness, I know she really loves her kids and being a Mom too. She is a good mom. And you know what,  I am a good Mom too.

Maybe that is just what we all need.

To accept and receive the compliments given to us… To tell others that they are doing a great job… To give ourselves a little grace…. And to just laugh at the craziness of life.

From now on if I think something nice about someone, I am going to tell them. Because maybe they will be as shocked as I was, and maybe it will brighten their day. So no I don’t really think I have it all together, but thank you fellow Mom for making me feel like I am doing something right. I will make sure to pay that compliment forward.

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